Camping in Naran & Kagan

Even though I’m not much of a camper, I currently have learned some tips from the few journeys I have already been on. To describe these, I would like to recall my experiences in the “wild” with you.

It absolutely was a long year studying and we all required a bit of a break from our research, and what better spot to do this than visiting the northern regions of Pakistan. In addition, we went on our first-ever camping trip instead of remaining in a hotel, as we always used to do.


Camping in Kaghan, Pakistan


The place we went camping was the valley of Kaghan. Located in the Mansehra district of Pakistan, the Kagan valley is among the longest valleys in the world. Located in the rugged mountainous region, it is just attainable on foot or on a vehicle. We chose to arrive at it in a jeep as it was a long journey.

We reached our vacation spot -the Kaghan valley- over a couple of hours and set camp. So started our camping experience and so begins my list of advice…


Camping Tips


Usually bring matches on a holiday. Although it appears as if nobody could forget this type of vital item, lots of people do, particularly first-timers like us. Fortunately, one of us had brought a lighter along with us and it was sufficient to pass the night.

Always bring water-resistant camping tents. Despite the fact that we got blessed and it didn’t rain, we did understand after our trip that it’s important.

Always bring a roadmap. Kaghan is in the backwoods and there are not quite lots of campers nearby; it’s simple to go missing.


Attempt to get tinned food or food that doesn’t perish quickly. Meals are something you need to program properly and based on the camping trip. Often there aren’t any stores to buy food from, particularly when you’re camping in a reserve or some forest.

Always pack spares of almost every little thing for example flashlights, batteries, matches, flares, etc.


When building a fire, be cautious. One small error could potentially cause a lot of destruction.

Always pack a first aid kit so that you are prepared if some minor mishaps happen.

Make use of biodegradable utensils, etc. We don’t want to harm Mother Nature.


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